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Slickote Coatings: Manufacturer of Solid Film Lubricants, Dry Lube Coatings, Industrial Primers & Paint. Serving the commercial and aerospace industry since 1968.

Slickote Solid Film Lubricants; coatings known also as dry lube or dry film lubricants, are used by the metal finishing industry to reduce friction and corrosion on many types of materials including fasteners, bearings or wherever there is metal to metal contact especially where oils and grease may not be suitable. Lubricating materials include Molybdenum Disulfide, Graphite, Teflon (*Dupont), Tungsten Disulfide, blends of Molybdenum Disulfide & Graphite and other materials and blends.

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Slickote Coatings  1680 Miller Ave. Los Angeles CA. 90063

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General Information Primers & Paints
For Solid Film Lubricants, Dry Lube Coatings, Primers and Paint, consider Slickote products for your metal finishing requirements. Reduce friction & corrosion to protect your metal fabricated parts- such as bearings, fasteners, molds, bullets, sliding fasteners, or any conditions of metal to metal contact. Anodize & anodizing services
  • Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricants
  • Graphite Lubricants
  • Teflon Lubricants  (* Teflon -Trademark Dupont)
  • Transchem Industrial & MIL Spec Paint & Primers
  • Wear- Slickote Solid Film Lubricants ........ Dry Lube ...... Paint
  • Friction - Slickote Solid Film Lubricants ......... Dry Lube ...... Paint
  • Corrosion - Slickote Solid Film Lubricants ........ Dry Lube ....... Paint
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Slickote® Solid Film Lubricant Coatings